March Marks Acorn Chiropractic Club’s One Year Anniversary!

In the last year, we have grown from an idea to reality. We have been blessed to meet all kinds of amazing people and not only expand our practice but grow our family! (I am not announcing a pregnancy! I am talking about you!) Chances are if you are reading this you or someone you love is in our chiropractic family.

When asked if it is difficult to be a pediatric chiropractor, I always say “No, it is not hard until it is”. As a chiropractors we are taught to be to be “doctors” and be empathetic, never sympathetic. What complete and utter garage! I am human and you are my family, if you hurt, I hurt.


When beginning my career as a pediatric chiropractor, I had no concept of how amazing and strong people could be. In the span of a year, I have seen the worst possible kind of loss I could imagine and the greatest gain. The highest of highs and lowest of lows. The consistent factor I have seen is the strength of the mamas and daddios. Thank you for that.

I have had the honor to attend births. I have been entrusted to check your babies, some only minutes old. We have cried while we share birth stories and the disappointments of your birth plans changing. Sometimes I even send you away to reset on days that seem too hard, while I watch your kiddos.

A few months ago a practice member sent me a story about raising a child with special needs. The story went a little like this…

You have a desire to go to Italy. You save money, learn the language, plan your trip, pack your bags. The day comes when it is time to go to Italy, you board the plane. You fly for hours too excited to sleep and have all these plans of what you are going to do when you first arrive. Upon arrival the flight attendant says “Welcome to Holland”. A sudden panic comes over you “Holland?!?!?!” You think, “I know nothing about Holland! This is not the plan!”. From then on you are faced with the choice 1. experience Holland and all the beautiful things the country has to offer. Or 2. Be unset that it is not Italy and miss out on all this new adventure has to offer.

The point of the story I think is applicable to life in general. It brings to mind a quote I heard, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”. This seems to be the case in my personal life and in the life of my ChiroFamily.

The life you add to our practice has been amazing. We are so thankful for you in our practice. We chose “your chiropractic family” as our tagline, I only hope we have lived up to that in your life.

I love you and from the most sincere part of my being I thank you for joining the family and making my dream a reality! Thank you for an amazing year!