Use Bitcoin in Petaluma (and Get a Discount!)

Acorn Chiropractic Club is proud to announce that we are one of the first businesses (not to mention first chiropractors) in Petaluma to begin accepting Bitcoin (yes, Dr. Matt is THAT much of a nerd!). Bitcoin is a secure, decentralized digital currency that operates over the internet using an open-source protocol that involves advanced mathematics and cryptography. Funds can be transferred over the internet in a matter of seconds with zero transaction fees. Basically, it’s a super easy and fun way to pay for things and you can do it with your smartphone.




What does Bitcoin have to do with chiropractic?

Absolutely nothing! However, it is part of our commitment to you to make chiropractic care affordable for families in Petaluma. By accepting Bitcoin, we can keep our merchant fees as low as possible. This means lower overhead for us and more savings for you. To sweeten the deal, we are offering a 10% discount to anyone who pays for care using Bitcoin (for a limited time).

We’d be lying if we didn’t mention another reason we are accepting Bitcoin: Dr. Matt is a techie and he thinks it’s pretty cool! So pay for your next visit to your favorite chiropractors (that’s us by the way) with Bitcoin.

Don’t have Bitcoin? That’s OK, most people don’t! Dr. Matt will be more than happy to go into “uber-nerd mode” and show you how to get some so you can start using it and get your discount. Not to mention it will probably make his day. Thanks for being a part of our chiropractic family!