Dr. Kurt Schroeter – Chiropractor

Dr. Kurt Schroeter, Chiropractor

Born and raised in Chicago, I grew up appreciating the abundance of arts, humanities, and cultures that the city offered. I received my first chiropractic adjustment when I was 6 years old. I had no idea what an impact that would have on my life moving forward. As a kid that loved sports, physical challenges, and pushing the boundaries of what was possible, I developed a strong sense of physical awareness, and in turn, a connection to my chiropractor. As I grew and became more skilled at sports, I found myself feeling the benefits of chiropractic in my performance and recovery. I was often found playing baseball, tennis, or exploring the city by bicycle.

I attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN for my undergraduate studies. There I received my BA in Studio Art and sculpture. I had the good fortune to study abroad in Morocco, and India for two different January terms. The best part of the trip to Morocco is that I met my wife, Naomi, in the group while traveling. After college, we worked seasonal positions at a historic lodge in Glacier National Park in Montana. This was one of the most beautiful summers I have ever experienced.

Before Chiropractic school, I juggled jobs as a high-end custom cabinet maker, carpenter, and realtor that worked with clients on their homes and investment properties. At that same time, Naomi worked at a chiropractic office and involved me in a lot of their functions. That really opened my eyes to what was possible working together as a couple, and the possibility of going back to school. After moving to the Bay for Chiropractic school, my interest in form and function only expanded. I have loved continually learning about the seemingly limitless possibilities of the human body.

Dr. Kurt Schroeter, DC

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Dr. Naomi and I married in 2019 at the same place her parents were married 35 years prior. During our time in the Bay so far, we have enjoyed exploring the parks, trails, and beaches with our dog, Hugo. I have really enjoyed being in awe of all the flora and fauna I never experienced before in the midwest. I love riding bikes, hiking, swimming in the ocean, and tinkering with anything to learn how things operate.