Benefits of Infant Chiropractic Care

When you think of babies, you don’t tend to think of aches and pains that require chiropractic care. But the truth is, infant chiropractic care can actually be quite beneficial to little ones. Taking your baby to an infant chiropractor can lead to a number of positive effects, including better sleep patterns, healthy brain development, a stronger immune system, and colic relief!



Sleep Well

Ask any parent of a newborn how much sleep they’re getting, and they’re likely to throw their eighth cup of coffee in your face. It’s no secret that babies don’t sleep much during the night when they are first developing sleeping and waking patterns, which can lead to fussiness and crankiness during the daytime hours, for both the infants and their parents! By administering infant chiropractic adjustments, an infant chiropractor can help your baby feel more comfortable, which can lead to better sleep for the whole family.


Brain Boost

Evidence suggests that chiropractic adjustments can help promote brain and nerve development which can lead to overall brain health for your baby. Because the spine is the epicenter for so many of the nerves in the body, receiving a chiropractic adjustment is like doing a reboot on your nervous system, which can help the brain to perform at maximum potential.


Germ Buster

When an infant is brand new, their immune system hasn’t been introduced to common germs that older children and adults have built up antibodies against. This, of course, leads to babies at risk of catching colds and the flu, among other common illnesses. Many parents swear by infant chiropractic adjustments to lower the chances of getting sick and strengthening baby’s immune system naturally.


Bye Bye, Colic

If you have ever had a baby with colic, then you know how awful it can be for everybody involved. Colicky babies will scream for hours on end with no stopping, due to digestive discomfort. Not only does this mean that your infant is in pain, but it also means that you will not be getting a break from the constant wailing and the feeling of helplessness that can overcome you when your little one isn’t feeling well. Luckily, infant chiropractic adjustments may be just the thing to send that colic packing and clear up baby’s digestive issues with regular care.

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